Our Vineyard

Based in our corner of East Yorkshire.

We are proud to be making something unique and different

Laurel vines is a low carbon, low environmental impact vineyard with a Winery on site.

We are based in the small hamlet of Aike in East Yorkshire. A very rural location based betwixt the market towns of Beverley and Driffield.

Soil & Climate.

The area of Aike, Driffield is underlain by Cretaceous Chalk but in most places it is so deeply buried beneath glacial deposits that it has no influence on the landscape. The landscape is dominated by deposits of till, boulder clays and glacial lake clays which in most places cover the cretaceous bedrock.

The high Eustatic sea level and warm climate of the Cretaceous period meant a large area of the continents was covered by warm shallow seas, this meant that marine limestone (a rock type that is formed under warm, shallow marine circumstances) was developed. In the North-East of England there is a band of Cretaceous rock that stretches from Hull up to Bridlington. Chalk, a soft porous white limestone, was deposited in the marine environment from the Cretaceous era. Chalk is rich in Calcium Carbonate and alkaline soils often derive from the Cretaceous bedrock. Such soils can produce excellent yields of crop growth (but not for acid loving species) and are the most productive soils in England.

Thus, the soils of the Wold’s are permeable and well structured. They dry rapidly and are cultivable under all differing weather situations. Despite being so well drained, chalk soils and subsoil’s are able to make a good deal of water available to plants as particles of chalk absorb moisture while keeping the soil open.

The Craft.

Wine making is not for the faint hearted or nervous, we started with the intention of growing the vines and grapes and employing a wine maker to produce the wines for us on the site. After discussions with wine makers and vineyard owners a decision was made to learn the skills needed to produce our own wines.

The decision to produce our own wines was easily made but then the magnitude of that decision became reality and the process started, weeks turned into months and then into two years and lots of hard work ensued.

When considering the wine making process we chose to concentrate on white and rosé Still quality wines.

Our first wines from 2013 grapes are now in bottles and we are proud of the results and hope that you will agree.

Our Team.

Ian, Neil, Adrian, Jonathan & Ann.

Professional help, John Sisson Agronomist, Chris & Gillian, Stuart & Elizabeth, Derek Pritchard.

Bata, Vigo & Cherrys of Frodingham.
All with the help of help family, friends and neighbour’s as well as experts, from vine selection to agronomy through to wine making. A huge thank you to all that helped to establish and run Laurel Vines, it is true that without your input and assistance that we would not be in the process of producing English wines, something that I hope we can all be proud of.