Our Story

Sit down, grab a glass
and listen to a proper
Yorkshire yarn.

It all started with a field in East Yorkshire

In 2009 a site was sought which would be suitable for the establishment of a vineyard in Yorkshire. The idea of a vineyard in the cooler climate of Yorkshire was always going to be challenging to say the least, so the right site was imperative. Laurel Farm fitted the bill and so plans were drawn up to develop some of the site as a vineyard.

Surveys of the fields were carried out checking drainage, ph levels and nutrient contents as well as susceptibility to other external factors. The site plan was drawn up aligning the rows north-south to maximise the amount of sunlight, consideration to drainage, wind susceptibility, frost pockets and other such issues where all put into the plan in order to give the vines the best growing conditions that the location would allow.

A development plan was also drawn up and after consultation with Vine suppliers and Agronomists, we concentrated on preparation and Vine selection, again taking into consideration the site location. The site was prepared in the winter of 2010/11 and planting commenced in April 2011 with 2000 vines. Plans for the continued planting in the years to come were drawn up. Currently we have 5000 vines in the ground.

As the Vines have matured so has our knowledge to produce something we think is quite special.

Since the first idea of growing vines in 2009, discussions with other vineyard owners and knowledgeable people within the UK vineyard & wine industry were sought.

Expert advice has been taken and utilised in every step of the vineyard establishment and expansion.

Initially following planting we suffered two years of the worst weather imaginable from winter at -18 Celsius to long periods of rain and flooding in spring into summer. In the year following 2013, the first year of production, following a late start the weather provided a much better growing season and provide us with a good but young wines.

We are continually striving to increase our knowledge through training, education & experience.