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A morning walk in the vineyard! Our beautiful rose bushes are in full bloom 🌹🌹🌹
We love our vineyard and how beautiful #EastYorkshire is!
NEW RED WINE! We’ve had the tasting notes confirmed! Next stop bottling completed 🍷🍾🍷 Who’s excited???…

The class of 2016...What a lovely bunch!

Thu Feb 9th at 12:15 PM
For regular followers of our updates, you will have seen that there was a bumper harvest for us in 2016. This has been reflected well in the wines we are producing in 2017. We have a grand total of seven wines, including our first ever red! (These are just sample bottles of the Red and Rosé wines for 2016)
Red wine from East Yorkshire certainly is another "who'd have thought it," idea. We are pleased to say that it is all looking up for this new Laurel Vines wine, according to the pre-bottling anaylsis from the lab. We have tasting note suggestions of "intense colour," and a "clean nose and palate." What more could we ask for?
Ian (the wine maker) certainly has been busy, the rosé is looking a lovely shade of pink with "light soft fruits on the nose." With 2017 being so prominent in the local area we really do want to make Laurel Vines a place for fantastic quality English wine.

Keep your eyes peeled for the class of 2016, they will be worth the wait!