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Wow! What an amazing article about the fantastic drinks being produced in our area! We’re honoured to be mention thank you 🥂 #EastYorkshire meets #EnglishWine…
See how our amazing labels are made by local label producers @SpringfieldSols following our fantastic design from @umbercreative
A bit part of out ethos is #SupportLocal
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Who are we? Team Laurel Vines

Tue Jun 12th at 11:15 AM
Here at Laurel Vines, we are family business who share a passion for our vineyard and producing amazing wines.

We thought it would be great to introduce everyone to our team (big family)
First, we have Ian and Ann (the directors, left and right). Ian was the main person behind the idea of planting a vineyard. Having previously lived two door down from where we live now, Ian had spotted the potential of the newly rebuilt Laurel Farm and the land available.

Rebekah, (the sales manager and daughter to Ian and Ann, middle) has been helping out in the vineyard for many year, However, just recently she has decided to join the team to help promote our awarding wines. She also runs the social media pages on; Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Which means she's frequently pestering the team for candid photos and rounding up the dogs for their close ups.
Next up, the vineyard crew! Jonathan (Rebekah's partner, front), he has now been working at the vineyard for just over a year, following many years of volunteering during planting and harvest time. Jonathan is also in a local band called MAURITA, which often provides us with motivational tunes to prune to.

Then there's Adrian, he is a fellow villager living just three door down from the vineyard. He is the source of all banter and jokes, certainly good to keep you laughing throughout the day. Adrian is also the famous back of Laurel Vines (see below) he says "it's my best side"
Finally, who could forget our vast array of dogs! They are a main source of entertainment with their hilarious antics. We've got Dash and Snoopy (the two spaniels), Ozzy and Ruby (the two black Labradors, Adrian's dogs) these guys get on so well running between the vines

Together we are #TeamLaurelVines