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Wow! What an amazing article about the fantastic drinks being produced in our area! We’re honoured to be mention thank you 🥂 #EastYorkshire meets #EnglishWine…
See how our amazing labels are made by local label producers @SpringfieldSols following our fantastic design from @umbercreative
A bit part of out ethos is #SupportLocal
Cheers team! 🍾🥂…

Harvest 2018 Complete!

Thu Oct 11th at 2:15 PM
We are pleased to announce that we've have completed our harvest of 2018. Thanks to our army of volunteers over the space of one week! We have managed to gather in the grand total of 17 tonnes of grapes.
We put the word out on our website and social media pages to see if anyone would be interested in picking grapes here at the vineyard. The response was outstanding, we had over 60 volunteers give up their time to help us bring in the grapes. In return for heart breakfast sandwiches, lunch and wine (of course), it is our way of saying thank you for all the effort these guys put in!

A huge thank you to all of our volunteers!

Keep an eye out at August time next year for our harvest dates